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Special Testing Scenarios Guidance /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Special-Testing-Scenarios-Guidance-Document.pdf
This document is designed to provide guidance on possible testing scenarios that DTCs-Alt may encounter with students who participate in the SC-Alt, such as students receiving services outside their enrolled (reported) districts, students who move districts, and students enrolled in virtual or charter schools.
Grade Reference Sheet /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Grade-Reference-Sheet-2021.pdf
Updated October 28, 2020
This document lists the tests assigned to each grade level.
Participation Guidance for IEP Teams /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Participation-Guidance-for-IEP-Teams-2020.pdf
This document provides guidance to IEP teams for determining student participation in the SC-Alt.