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The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) created South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards in 2020.  After these standards were developed, the SCDE convened a committee to prioritize the most important standards for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Math Prioritized Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Math-Prioritized-Standards.pdf
US History and Constitution Prioritized Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/USHC_Prioritized_Standards_DRAFT.pdf
ELA Prioritized Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/ELA-Prioritized-Standards-103018.pdf
These documents are designed to guide special education teachers in linking their classroom instruction to the state academic standards.
Draft Math and Algebra PLDs /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Draft-Math-PLDs-070618.pdf
Science and Biology PLDs /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Science-PLDs-062918.pdf
ELA and English PLDs /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/ELA-PLDs-103018.pdf
Social Studies and USHC PLDs /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Social-Studies-and-USHC-PLDs-062918.pdf
The items created for the SC-Alt in ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, including High School End of Course assessments, are based on these Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs).
USHC Support Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/USHC_SupportGuide_Draft_061218.pdf
Math Support Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SC-MATH-Support-Guide_042618.pdf
Social Studies Support Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/0021331-SC-Alt-2017-Social-Studies-Support-Guide.pdf
ELA Support Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SC-Alt-ELA-Support-Guide-DRAFT-103018.pdf
Science Support Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/0021330-SC-Alt-2017-Science-Support-Guide.pdf
The Support Guides are intended to make the general education indicators and prioritized standards useful for classroom instruction for Grades 3-8 and High School.
Social Studies Academic Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/2020-SCSSCCRStandards-Final.pdf
Science Academic Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/0021317-SC_Standards_Science.pdf
ELA Academic Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/0021315-SC_Standards_ELA.pdf
Math Academic Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/0021316-SC_Standards_Math.pdf
Biology Academic Standards /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/0021314-SC_Standards_Biology.pdf
These standards help to ensure that students with IEP designations are provided with multiple ways to learn and demonstrate knowledge. These standards were used to build the SC-Alt.
ELA /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SCAlts_ELA_Blueprints.xlsx
Math /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SCAlts_Math_Blueprints.xlsx
Science /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SCAlt_Science_Blueprints.xlsx
US History and Constitution /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SCAlt_Social-Studies_Blueprints_USHC.xlsx

Test blueprints serve as a guide for test construction and provide an outline of the content and skills to be measured on the test. They contain information about individual tests, including the number of points on the test, and show how the learning standards are grouped in order to report the test results.