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Resource Description
Practice Test Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Practice-Test-Guidance-Document.pdf
This document provides a walk-through and explanation of the 2020 SC-Alt Practice Test.
Cog Lab Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/Cog-Lab-Guidance-Document.pdf
Cog Lab Script /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/SC-Alt-Cog-Script-050719.pdf
The Cog Lab script is available for Cog Lab administrators to guide the student through the test. Please consult the Cog Lab Guidance document for assistance navigating the testing interface.
TA Quick Start Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/TA-Quick-Start_2020-2021.pdf
TA User Guide /core/fileparse.php/3982/urlt/TA-User-Guide-2020-2021.pdf
The Test Administrator User Guide and Quick Start Guide provide information on how to use the Test Administrator Interface and Student Interface to administer the SC-Alt. While the Quick Start Guide provides a snapshot of how to log into both interfaces, the User Guide also includes information on how to take an online assessment, the features and the tools available to students and teachers, and using the Secure Browser.